Top 10 Social Media Tips For Property Managers

social media tips for property managers
Social media is not new. It’s something every property management company in New Zealand should be using every day. We know, however, that this is not the case so here’s a list for you starting from scratch.

1. Setup all basic social media accounts for your company including a Facebook page, Instagram page, Twitter account, and Linkedin company page.

I know this sounds simple stuff but you’d be surprised how many companies don’t have this basic covered.

2. Link all social media to your website.

This is vitally important for search engine optimisation (SEO) of your website. Find out more about SEO for property management companies.

3. Create a content strategy.

Have a plan. What each network will be used for. What content will be created for each network. Who will be responsible for creating and posting the content. Learn more about content strategies here:

4. Use different networks for different things.

A tool for each job and a job for each tool. Facebook messager could be used for communicating with and attracting tenants, Instagram might be used for paid ads, Twitter could be used for listening and keeping up to date with property management news, and Linkedin for prospecting new owners. This is how we’d suggest using these networks.

5. Start by listening.

Social media is like a conversation. If you listen and are interested in what the other person says then they will like you and listen to you back. If you go around shouting without listening then people will ignore you. Start by going to relevant pages comment (as your brand) providing valuable expertise. You can do this on any platform.

6. Post content every day.

Creating and posting daily content will slowly organically build your followers and increase brand awareness. Download a social media post planner.

7. Create video.

Video content is far more engaging than anything else. It can be fun and there are heaps of video making apps to help.

8. Get all staff to create Linkedin accounts and connect to the company page.

This is great for your brand, for attracting staff, and for SEO.

9. Use Linkedin every day.

Linkedin is a fantastic tool for networking and sales. Real estate agents are one of the prevalent and easy sectors to connect with on Linkedin. If you nurture these leads they will be a great source of leads for you and your company.

10. Use Linkedin!

I hope this emphasises the importance of Linkedin.

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About the author

Rueben is a consultant at Hamish Turner & Associates. He is an entrepreneur with 20 years of business experience in a number of sectors. In the past decade, Rueben has worked in a handful of technology startups (e.g. Timely) in the area of digital sales and marketing. In addition, he has run a social media marketing agency since 2013 providing social media services and digital marketing services to small businesses across NZ.

You can check out more about his background and follow his VLOG on his Linkedin profile.

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