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seo property management

1. Speed up your site.

Load time is the single most important factor for converting customers.

2. Optimise for mobile.

Most of the traffic to your website will be coming from mobile so make it easy for them to read.

3. Know your keywords.

You need to have a clear understanding of what your customer searches for. What volume of traffic searches the terms “Auckland Property Managers” and “Auckland Property Managers”. You can do this research via the google keyword planner and your google search console.

4. Know your backlinks.

Backlinks can be positive (increase your search engine ranking) or toxic (decrease your search engine ranking). Generally, the more the better and you should know how many you have at any time. Is it 5 or 500?

5. Get on the map.

Having a physical location gets you listed on google maps but you have to register it.

6. Be sociable.

Posting more content on Facebook, Twitter or others is similar to adding links to your website and has a positive impact on SEO. Follow us on Facebook here:

7. Write a blog.

New content with new keywords and new links is the best way to grow your site and improve your SEO.

8. Optimise on-page elements.

Meta tags, meta descriptions, SEO Titles, Alt tags, and many other on-page things can be completed, updated, or added to improve your SEO.

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About the author

Rueben is an entrepreneur with 20 years of business experience in a number of sectors. In the past decade, Rueben has worked a handful of technology startups (e.g. Timely) in the area of digital sales and marketing. In addition, he has run a social media marketing agency since 2013. He currently owns a property management company based in Dunedin. 

You can check out more about his background and follow his VLOG on his Linkedin profile.

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