Rent roll growth tip: Just listed flyers

Attend training events

The importance of letting the neighbourhood know that your office has taken on the management of a property is massive – especially if the property was being under-managed. Neighbours will approach you and let you know of previous issues that there have been with the property. This also opens up the opportunity if they know any other people who could be disappointed with their current agent. Let’s not forget to be asking for new business at the same time. It’s about creating every chance we can to ask for new business, they too may have an investment, and they are now seeing you be proactive.

Just Listed

{Office name} has just listed 52 ABC Street, do you know anyone looking to move, or would you like to know how much you could get for renting out your home? Call {Business Development Manager Name} for a free, fast, effective and up-to-date rental opinion of your home. It will only take 15 minutes of your time.

Just Leased

{Office name} just leased 52 ABC Street. If you would like a free updated rental opinion of your investment, call {Business Development Manager Name} – it will only take 15 minutes of your time. {Phone number, name and offer.} (Great spot to dangle a good offer in here too e.g. could be any property listed in June receives free professional photography.)

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