Rent roll growth - Love calls

One of the rent roll growth strategies that you can establish is making what we call “love calls.” These calls are made outside the realm of managing the property. Calls that an owner may not be expecting so we can place a happy vibe to them. If the door opens for you to ask them if they know anyone else that has an investment, have your offer ready for them, you may have a refer a friend and receive offer going.

– Christmas call

– Easter call

– Anniversary call

– Improvements call

– Lease is coming up call

– Promotional night call (invitations)

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About the author

Rueben is a consultant at Hamish Turner & Associates. He is an entrepreneur with 20 years of business experience in a number of sectors. In the past decade, Rueben has worked in a handful of technology startups (e.g. Timely) in the area of digital sales and marketing. In addition, he has run a social media marketing agency since 2013 providing social media services and digital marketing services to small businesses across NZ.

You can check out more about his background and follow his VLOG on his Linkedin profile.

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