Remember the prospect for business outside your sales team

There are so many ways that Business Development Managers can get leads and grow a rent roll without involving the sales team for listings. Now, I’m not saying we don’t need them, because we do, but the question being asked is how can we lead generate without using the sales within an office?

A simple resolution is to catch the leads from another angle by which investors come to you. Sometimes they purchase through a rival agent and don’t want to give the selling agent the management. What about the investors who build their investment? There are companies and builders that are only dealing with investors and selling land and house packages – investor-only stock.

But there’s more. There are display villages, where builders employ staff to sit in a property they have built so they can convince/sell people a house package. In some cases they also sell land and house packages, sometimes it’s just the build. Who are they referring investors too, or are they at all? A simple rule for a listing agent is to develop a relationship with Sales at display villages.

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About the author

Hamish has over 17 years of experience within the property management industry and has experience throughout New Zealand and Australia as a manager, principal and consultant. He utilised all of this experience to form a property management business that he expanded between 2009 and 2016 into 7 locations around New Zealand.

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