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Hamish Turner Director of Hamish Turner and Associates

Session 6, Q & A Panel | 3:30 pm to 4:15 pm

Paua For Property!!! 0 to 200 properties in 14 months.

Introducing Hamish Turner.

Learn about the great lengths Hamish Turner went to, including cooking paua for potential clients, in order to build his rent-roll.

Prior to becoming New Zealand’s most recognised rent roll broker, Hamish had grown his own property management business into multiple locations around New Zealand.  His first location in New Plymouth he grew a rent roll from 0 -200 inside a 14 month period.

Hamish has over 20 years of experience within the property management industry and has experience throughout New Zealand and Australia as a manager, principal, consultant, and broker. Key areas where Hamish excels and can assist you with your business include growth, profitability, sales, and acquisitions. He has a wide range of skills due to his experience not only as a consultant but from his many years as a property management business owner in New Zealand. Hamish is New Zealand’s leading rent roll broker.

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