Rent Roll Health Checks

Profitability Health Check

This report analzes the profitability of a property management business. Monthly fee take, fee structure, end of year financials, staff remuneration and more are examined in order for recommendations to be made on how the rent roll can operate more profitably.

Systems and Processes Health Check

This comprehensive report analyses systems and processes in place for insurance, trust accounting, bonds, landlord and tenant statements, payments, invoices, business control, rent arrears, keys, property inspections and much more.

Random File Audit

This report involves an audit of five property files. As part of this check tenancy agreements, tenancy applications, bonds, conditions reports, routine inspections reports, management agreements, keys, rent increase letters and more are examined. Findings and suggestions are made in the final report.

Rent Roll Growth Health Check

The Rent Roll Growth report examines how a Property Management business is advertising and marketing its services. It analyses what strategies are in place to grow the portfolio and how well the business is set up for future growth. It also includes a customer service audit and recommendations on how to generate leads within the business. The outcome of this report is to provide clear actions and steps to growing your property management business.

Business Health Check

Our Rolls Royce Health Check

A 40 page comprehensive report analysing the financial health of the rent roll, staff remuneration, tenancy breaches and rent arrears, implementation of recent RTA changes within the business, tenancy agreement compliance, marketing proficiency & activity, general business systems & process, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities as well as a random file audit.

Ready for a business health check? Contact us to discuss which one best suit your needs.

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